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Familienservice der Universität Würzburg

Welcome to the Campus StudiKids!

We are a childcare facility at the University of Würzburg where children aged 2 - 18 months are looked after on an hourly basis. The service is aimed at students and academic staff at the University of Würzburg.

The children are looked after by a pedagogical specialist and two pedagogical assistants.

Children and parents are warmly welcomed in our brightly lit group room. After registration and a settling-in phase, the children are lovingly cared for and parents can use the time to pursue their studies or work in peace with the knowledge that their children are being taken care of. The StudiKids play and sing, eat and sleep, discover and research together.

We incorporate the interests and wishes of the individual children into our childcare: This includes heating the food and drinks they bring with them if necessary. We have a daily structure that is based entirely on the needs of the children.

Our service is intended to help close the childcare gap between birth and daycare and to help student and working parents continue their studies or profession.

Campus StudiKids childcare service is available to children of students and academic staff at the University of Würzburg. To enable students to promptly continue their studies, there is no fee for childcare. The childcare fee for academic staff is 3.50 euros per hour.

When registering for the service, please provide a certificate of enrolment or proof of employment.

The Campus StudiKids childcare program is only designed for infants and toddlers aged 2-18 months.

In order to make childcare as pleasant as possible for your child and so that your child can adjust well to the situation in the group and get into a routine more easily, you should book at least two days per week.

The minimum care time per week is 5 hours.

The booking times are fixed but can be changed, provided that the new times requested are available.

To register your child for childcare, please complete the online form below under the tab "Pre-booking Campus StudiKids".

Please let us know the desired times and start date when you make your reservation. We will then check whether childcare is possible for the times you have requested.

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16.02.2024 päd. Konferenztag
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