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A new exhibition in times of Corona?


Rising infection numbers, worrying developments, a never-ending construction project in the museum's own rooms, and then also a 125th anniversary of the founding of the Institute of Psychology ... quite a few challenges that the Adolf Würth Center had to face in the second pandemic year.

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A view into the virtual exhibition room

"Adventure Future"

It was a great adventure to conceive the exhibition "Facets from the History of the Institute of Psychology" on the occasion of its 125th anniversary in a completely different way: How do you exhibit with an uncertain future in mind? How do you welcome visitors online and how do you captivate them for the topic? The answer: on the playing field of endless multimedia possibilities.

Hurdles and challenges

First, a suitable format had to be found. Not again something that had already been seen umpteen times in the last year and a half, when online alternatives were exhausted due to the pandemic. The decision was made for a virtual exhibition space, modern, flooded with light, full of detail, with a bright courtyard and background music. Suddenly, the exhibition space that the center otherwise has available multiplied - and not only the exhibition space, but also the possibilities.

Here, the visitor becomes a multimedia explorer: Behind each picture, there is not only an information text, but often it is also linked to other media, making the online exhibition a 3D experience or luring visitors to other interesting projects.

If this is too playful and adventurous for you, you can take an automatic tour through the great 125-year history of the psychological institute to experience a journey through time about the development of the institute from its predecessors, through the world-famous Würzburg School of Thought under Külpe and Marbe, the collapse in 1945 and the reconstruction and expansion years up to current research.

New impulses

As bad as Covid-19 is for a cultural institution like the Adolf Würth Center for the History of Psychology, which thrives on visitors and the exciting communication of the history of science, the pandemic has nevertheless also brought new impulses and stimulated scientists to look at the latest technologies and to push ahead with digitization. Creating appealing, virtual environments in which it's easy to forget that you're actually "just" sitting in front of a laptop - the new motto of a modern, forward-looking cultural institution that sees such possibilities as a great opportunity for museums or university collections.

Top or flop?

Clearly top: Looking at the recent pandemic developments, it was the right decision to dive deeper into the virtual world and explore what is possible. Even after the pandemic, this approach will continue to develop rapidly. Prof. Dr. Stock, head of the Center for the History of Psychology, is certain: "Future technical innovations are promising, bring attention to a museum or a collection, are accessible to foreign visitors without travel and thus - keyword: climate change - conserve resources - or can be understood as a wonderful parallel to real exhibition spaces."

Curious - here are all the important facts at a glance

Go ahead and make yourself a good cup of tea, then you can tackle the journey from the comfort of your own armchair in your living room. Opening hours are twenty-four hours, seven days a week - whether you're in Würzburg or Ohio, the Maldives or Iceland. You won't encounter any Corona measures in the AWZ's virtual showroom, so a visit is certainly not contagious, at most infectious enthusiasm. Curious? Then follow this link:

Facetts in the history of the institute of psychology


by Anna-Lena Amend