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Self-care as a buffer against stress



Date: Friday, 16.06.2023 (11:30-12:30 a.m.)
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Imad Maatouk

Prof. Dr. Imad Maatouk, specialist for psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy as well as for internal medicine, explains how self-care can work as a stress buffer. He has been the head of the focus of psychosomatic medicine at the University Hospital of Würzburg since 2021.

Self-care means cultivating what makes life worth living. Those who can give meaning to the events in life, are proud of what they have achieved, look to the future with hope, and consciously live in the present have a higher quality of life. So being self-careful means being mindful of yourself and the challenges you face in your professional and personal life. It means using and optimizing what makes sense and moves forward - but also accepting the things that cannot be changed and thus facing the challenges more calmly.

Please note that the offers take place in German language.

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