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Research Advancement Centre

Our Support and Services for Researchers

Our team advises young researchers and established researchers on applying for individual and collaborative research projects. We inform you about internal, national and European research funding programmes and accompany you during the development of your proposal.


Our service for researchers is divided into three fields of action:


  • We provide information on research funding calls (internal, national, EU).
  • We give individual advice.


Our support in the application process

  • We provide support in developing research projects.
  • We communicate with funding bodies.
  • We give detailed feedback on proposal texts.
  • We give advice on how to implement recommendations from expert reports.

Support and coordination of collaborative projects

  • We develop a strategy with the spokesperson.
  • We involve the relevant departments and offices (e. g. Equal Opportunities Office, Finance Department).
  • We provide support in drawing up texts for cross-cutting issues.
  • We check draft proposals and give detailed feedback.
  • We accompany evaluation procedures.
  • We give advice on how to implement recommendations from expert reports.

Coordination of internal research funding programmes

Start-up Funding

  • Support with proposals for individual projects
  • Target group: young researchers with a doctoral degree
  • Funding of up to €40,000

Emil Hilb Programme II

  • Support with applications for profile-building collaborative projects
  • Target group: designated spokespersons of collaborative research centres, research training groups, etc.
  • Funding of up to €200,000 (depending on the project)

Additional responsibilities of the department

  • We support the Presidential Board when it comes to strategic questions with regard to promoting research and junior researchers.
  • We are implementing a research information system.
  • We are processing data for the participation in international university rankings.
  • We coordinate the Federal Government-Länder Programme for the Promotion of Young Academics (WISNA).
  • We accompany tenure-track procedures.