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IFEX - Interdisciplinary Research Center for Extraterrestrial Studies

Research & Projects

IFEX projects and relevant activities

In accordance with its goals and tasks, IFEX focuses its research on the following topics. On this page you will find planned, active and executed projects. 

  • Development of technologies for space exploration

Satellites, probes, rovers, instruments, components, ...

  • Exploration of the solar system and space

Analyses, simulations, studies, ...

  • Contributions to increasing human presence in the solar system

Studies on space stations and planetary bases, In Situ Resource Utilization, Planerary Landing Systems, ...

  • Search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI)

development and operation of innovative search methods and systems for SETI, execution and coordination of interdisciplinary studies and analyses, ...

  • Research on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)

 Development and operating of systems for detection, evaluation and analysis as well as the investigation of outstanding cases

CubeSat orbiting the Moon (Image: H. Kayal)

SATEX: Extraterrestrik mit Kleinsatellilten (Study on exploration using small satellites)  (Start: 01. October 2022, End: 30.04.2024)