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Global Systems and intercultural Competence

About GSiK

The GSiK project

Since 2008 the project “Global Systems and intercultural Competence” offers all students at the University of Würzburg – regardless of their degree subject – access to an extensive interdisciplinary teaching programme. The project deals with intercultural competencies and the global systems that underlie interculturality.

We offer you the opportunity to gain a core competence for work and daily life that will be certified by the University of Würzburg.

In short:

Intercultural competence:

Dealing competently with strangeness and complexity are a necessity in today’s work and daily life. Intercultural competence is therefore considered a core competence in the 21st century!



GSiK teaching programme:

Every semester, GSiK offers a wide range of events (seminars, workshops and lectures), because intercultural competence cannot be learned in a weekend training! All events are accessible by all students of all faculties and degrees.



GSiK collaborates with over 50 partner institutions, inside and outside the University of Würzburg, making us a unique project throughout Germany. This comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to the GSiK topics enables you to get an insight into other fields of knowledge beyond your degree subject. 



GSiK certificate

GSiK acknowledges your efforts by issuing you a certificate! Some of the GSiK seminars can also be credited for your degree subject.


More about GSiK: