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GRK 2243 "Understanding Ubiquitylation: From Molecular Mechanisms to Disease"

Christoph Sotriffer

Prof. Dr. Christoph Sotriffer

Institute of Pharmacy and Food Chemistry
University of Würzburg
Am Hubland
D-97074 Würzburg

Tel.: 0931 31-85443
Fax.: 0931 31-



Research Area:
Computer-aided drug design

The Sotriffer lab is dedicated to computational medicinal chemistry and computer-aided molecular design. In particular, we are interested in the investigation of protein-ligand interactions and computational methods for structure-based drug design. We develop new scoring functions for the prediction of binding affinities and apply virtual screening and docking techniques to develop new ligands for protein targets of known structure. To improve our understanding of the properties of particular protein-ligand complexes, we make extensive use of molecular dynamics simulations. All this work is generally embedded in tight collaborations, in particular with structural biologists and medicinal chemists.

Research projects: Project C2, Project D4