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    Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Research Center for Complex Material Systems

    TEM (FEI Titan 80-300)

    Transmission Electron Microscope (FEI Titan 80-300)


    • Acceleration voltage: 80 -  300 kV
    • S-Twin objective lens
    • No probe / objective corrector
    • Gatan US1000P camera
    • STEM detector
    • Retractable EDX detector
    • CompuStage low-background double-tilt holder
    • Probe current in 1 nm spot: > 0.6 nA
    • Probe current in 2 nm sport: > 3 nA
    • Maximum spot drift: < 0.5 nm/min
    • Maximum speciment drift: < 0.5 nm/min
    • Resolution (all data for 300 kV)
    • Point resolution: 0.2 nm
    • Line resolution: < 0.1 nm
    • Information limit: < 0.1 nm
    • HAAD-STEM resolution: 0.136 nm - Si (110) dumbells can be resolved
    • Info limit with Lorentz lens: 1.3 nm
    • Point resolution with Lorentz lens: 2.0 nm
    • EDX energy resolution: 133 eV Flexible high tension from 80 to 300 kV


    • Microstructure laboratory


    Comparative Study of the Microstructure of Bi2Se3 Thin Films Grown on Si(111) and InP(111) Substrates
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    AlGaInAs quantum dot solar cells: tailoring quantum dots for intermediate band formation
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    The Prato reaction on nanodiamond: Surface functionalization by formation of pyrrolidine rings
    D. Langa, A. Krueger
    Diamond and Related Materials 20, 101 (2011)

    Atomically flat single-crystalline gold nanostructures for plasmonic nanocircuitry
    J.-S. Huang, V. Callegari, P. Geisler, C. Brüning, J. Kern, J. C. Prangsma, X. Wu, T. Feichtner, J. Ziegler, P. Weinmann, M. Kamp, A. Forchel, P. Biagioni, U. Sennhauser and B. Hecht
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    Atomic scale interface engineering for strain compensated epitaxially grown InAs/AlSb superlattices
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