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Leadership Certifikate


Taking over a leadership role with all its associated tasks and challenges is a manifold mission. In addition to the direct management of employees and the professional responsibility of other persons or projects (= lateral management), there is also the management of one's own person, the so-called self-control.

In order to meet all challenges and above all individual needs, we offer our existing and future managers a comprehensive and structured training program. Our Leadership Certificate is evidence for mastering those  interdisiplinary competencies and will strengthen our managers leadership roles for their further career path, both within and outside the academic world. 

Goals of the Leadership Certificate

The Leadership Certificate of the Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg shall fulfil the following goals:

  • Strengthen leadership competencies for positions in and outside the scientific community
  • Improve flexibility in the individual management style with regard to individual, organisational and situational requirements
  • Develop a common understanding of leadership standards at the JMU

Regulatory framework

The training programme is aimed at all scientists at the JMU. The certificate can be acquired if the corresponding modules (compulsory and optional modules) have been completed. Participation is voluntary and can be started at any time. The qualification period is at least one year and should be completed in two years.

Structure of the certificate

The Leadership Certificate comprises four levels, which are successively passed through. By participating in the contents, a total of 50 work units are acquired, which finally entitle the holder to the Leadership Certificate.

In a personal conversation with an employee of the JMU Research Academy, the expectations of the qualification are discussed. In addition, previous leadership experience is discussed and individual leadership goals are defined.

The basic module leadership is offered both for the target groups R1/R2 and R3/R4 and is a mandatory module. The 2-day workshop is offered regularly (demand-oriented). You can find current events from the category Leadership at the JMU Research Academy.

Elective modules for leadership include various topics and formats from the area of leadership, such as selection of personnel, interviewing, coaching and motivation of employees, support vs. leadership, conflict management and lateral leadership. The order of participation in the described modules is not fixed and can be planned individually.

All elective and compulsory modules are available in the JMU Research Academy in the category Leadership and its cooperation partners and are continuously updated according to requirements.

In a personal interview with an employee of the JMU Research Academy, the managers can talk about their experiences in the qualification measures and give feedback on the learning units. The development fields individually defined in advance are highlighted and, if necessary, measures for further development are defined.

In addition, the executive prepares a leadership statement, which is submitted to the JMU Research Academy. The leadership statement is a written, approximately three- to four-page presentation that describes and analyses one's own leadership attitude and how to deal with this situation on the basis of a concrete, anonymous case. Based on key questions from the Research Academy, the executive is assigned to this leadership statement.

How can you participate?

By registering for the initial interview with employees of the JMU Research Academy, managers are registered to participate in the certificate program.

To obtain the certificate, please send the attendance certificates of all completed courses by email to the JMU Research Academy.