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AI Talks @JMU 2021 - CAIDAS introduces itself

In the first series of talks organised by CAIDAS, members present their research with exciting talks on current activities and projects. The talks will take place every Friday in the middle of the month at 15:00 (st) starting from January 2021. The talks will last 45 minutes, followed by a 15-minute discussion.

As long as the pandemic contact restrictions apply, the series of talks will be held as a zoom meeting:  https://go.uniwue.de/ai-talks-zoom

Dates of the upcoming talks:

Dates of past talks:

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12 March at 15:00

From Data to Decisions - The Prescriptive Journey

Business analytics has gathered a lot of attention during the last years. Although descriptive and predictive analytics have become well-established in practice, prescriptive analytics has just started to emerge with a different paradigm. Prescriptive analytics aims to prescribe decisions on the basis of the predictive analytics outcomes and involves an interdisciplinary approach with advances from Optimization, Decision Sciences, and Machine Learning. Key aspects of successful prescriptive analytics solutions include process integration (data access & quality), actionability (converting predictions to actions) and business value (measuring the benefit).

The talk aims to develop the business economics perspective on machine learning and provide a roadmap for future research and opportunities for collaboration.

16 April

14 May

18 June

Data Science@CAIDAS - Von Textanalyse in Digital Humanities über Bienenanalyse bis zur Betrugserkennung in ERP Daten


past talks

15 January

Virtual All of Us - Hybrid Social VR with Avatars and AIs

Tomorrows cyberspace will connect humans and AIs in social encounters not experienced today. Hybrid social virtual worlds populated with lifelike virtual avatars and agents will significantly blur the borders between the real and the digital realm. What is real? Who is real? This talk will highlight current approaches to embodied virtual humans, the impact of a realistic human-like appearance, and the role AI plays in the development as well as in potential applications of this technology.


12 February

Ethische und rechtliche Fragen im Zusammenhang mit Künstlicher Intelligenz

This talk will be in German.

Künstliche Intelligenz dringt in immer mehr Bereiche unseres Lebens vor. Dabei stellen sich vermehrt Rechtsfragen: Wer trägt die Verantwortung für von Künstlicher Intelligenz hervorgerufene Schäden? Kann KI geistiges Eigentum generieren, und wem steht es zu? Reichen unsere Strafvorschriften aus, um sozialschädliche Verhaltensweisen in virtuellen Welten angemessen zu erfassen? Diese und andere Fragen sollen analysiert und beantwortet werden.