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    German intensive courses

    German intensive courses March 2021

    Course level: A1 (8 ECTS)

    Course date: 2nd to 26th March 2021, 4,5 hrs per day (mornings or afternoons)

    Conditions of Participation

    • exchange students (through a university exchange program, ERASMUS, DAAD, Fulbright etc.)
    • enrollment for the summer semester 2021
    • no previous course at the Center for Languages (Zentrum für Sprachen)
    • no knowledge of German

    Who cannot participate?

    • all students who are registered for a full time study program at Würzburg University
    • Doctoral students, guest scientists and employees of the University of Würzburg and their relatives
    • Students at the University of Applied Sciences (FHWS) or Musikhochschule.

    Online-Preregistration (February 1st - 21st, 2021)
    Link to the preregistration 

    *** NOTE ***

    • After successful online preregistration you will receive an email with further information.
    • Without the online preregistration you cannot get a place in a course.
    • All intensive courses take place online via the video conference tool Zoom.

    For students with German language skills from A2 and who are enrolled for the summer semester 2021 we offer the following online self-study courses of the vhb (Virtual University of Bavaria):

    Block courses in March 2021

    • DaF A2 - Strukturen und Kommunikation (vhb) - Blockkurs (2 ECTS)
    • DaF B1 - Wortschatz (vhb) - Blockkurs (2 ECTS)
    • DaF B2 - Akademisches Lesen (vhb) - Blockkurs (2 ECTS)
    • DaF B2 - Wortschatz (vhb) - Blockkurs (2 ECTS)
    • DaF C1 - Akademisches Lesen (vhb) - Blockkurs (2 ECTS)


    Conditions of Participation (free of charge)

    • Enrollment for the summer semester 2021 at a Bavarian university


    Course duration: March15th – 31st 2021

    Registration period: March, 15th – 22nd 2021

    Registration takes place via the online portal of the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb).