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Keep fit in the office 2.0

Sitting in front of a screen for long periods can lead to tension and pain. To prevent this, it is important to include short movement breaks in your daily work routine - this can be as simple as going to the printer or making a phone call while standing up.
In addition, there are simple exercises for stretching, loosening and relaxing that can help relieve tension or prevent it from occurring in the first place.
Every Tuesday 12:45 - 13:00 Dr. Andreas Petko, Sabine Steindl and Sophia Englert offer a 15 minute live online movement session for all employees of the university - join in and take it as an impulse to get moving regularly in the office as well.


  •     Pain let go - neck, shoulder and back.
  •     Light strength intervals for in between
  •     Breathing exercises for a better oxygen supply
  •     Wrist problems
  •     Cardiovascular training for in between
  •     Coordination exercises

Joining is possible at any time!

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