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Global Systems and intercultural Competence

International Adult Education (a)

Date: 04/19/2024, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Category: Kulturen & deren Begegnung, Lecture in English, Zertifikat Interkulturelle Kompetenz, B, C, Blockseminare
Location: Hubland Nord, Geb. 64, Raum 00.212
Organizer: Erwachsenenbildung/ Weiterbildung // Fachbereich: Erwachsenenbildung/ Weiterbildung
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dr. Heribert Hinzen

Adults are the majority of people in most societies, and we all are adults for the longest part of life. However, looking at education systems and priorities in educational development then adult learning and education (ALE) is not receiving the attention and support needed within the lifelong learning perspective. 
Participants will learn more about international ALE policies and practices, how they are developed and related to national and local implementation. The potential roles of governments, civil society and universities are taken into focus. Recent findings call for improvements in the professionalization and institutionalization of adult education which has been argued for by civil society. Examples of advocacy and experiences from different countries are analyzed.

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