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ENTFÄLLT: CONFINTEA VII - On the Way to the International Conference on Adult Learning and Education in Morocco in 2022

Date: 12/11/2020, 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Category: Blockseminare, B, C
Location: Hubland Nord, Geb. 64, 00.212
Organizer: Erwachsenenbildung // Fachbereich: Pädagogik
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Dr. Heribert Hinzen

Adult education as a profession has been supported by national Governments and through multilateral organizations like UNESCO where most countries of the world are members. UNESCO has been inviting to the International Conferences on Adult Education (CONFINTEA) every 12 years since 1949 when CONFINTEA I was in Helsingör, Denmark. The last was in Belem, Brazil in 2009, and the next will be in Marrakesh in 2022. Already now the process of preparation has started with country reports on the development of adult learning and education (ALE) which will discussed in regional pre-conferences in 2021. This seminar will help to understand the process of global policy making in ALE, and will create access to a number of important documents.
Interested participants will learn more about ALE, and the further professionalization of institutions, programs, and staff as well as an academic discipline in the context of lifelong learning (LLL). The longest part of life we are adults, the largest age group in society are adults, however education during adult life is the least financially supported in most countries. If in our age of globalization and digitalization LLL is the requirement of the day, then ALE should get higher recognition within the education system, and participation of adults increased. It will be important to deepen the acceptance and understanding of ALE in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
The convener of this seminar has been involved in these international processes of policy development for several decades. At the same time he was in the leadership and management of an international provider of ALE cooperation.

Das Blockseminar findet am 11.+12.12.2020 und 15.+16.01.2021 statt. Lehrsprache ist Englisch.
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