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Extended free-use period of the full version


The first full version of femtoPro can be used free of charge until 31 January 2023. We are constantly working on new features and will submit scientific manuscripts soon.

We currently work on new features such as a multiplayer mode with which several users will be able to work together in the same laser lab. (Foto: Stefan Müller / Universität Würzburg).

We are happy to announce that we have extended the free-use period of the full version of femtoPro. Our first full version with a practical lab course, which includes 23 tutorials, can now be used for free until 31 January 2023. Go to the Download section and get the full version 0.4.1 today! Users who used version 0.4.0 should have already received a message with a download link to version 0.4.1.

News from the development team

In summer, we decided to refactor the current code. We are almost done with restructuring the code base to ensure a continued smooth user experience and high performance, even when implementing a number of new features that are currently under development. These functionalities contain, for example, a measurement mode that includes moving the delay stage and recording data, or a multiplayer mode that will allow several femtoPro users to interact in one virtual lab. Initial tests have already been carried out.

Upcoming publications

femtoPro uses physical modeling of laser beam propagation and light–matter interaction. But what exactly is contained in the simulation? We are about to submit for publication two scientific manuscripts that will describe all the details of the employed mathematical model. This will allow you to understand the features from a physical point of view and provide the background for using femtoPro not only in education but also in research applications. Once these papers become available, we will link them on our website within the Publications section.