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    If you want to use femtoPro, make sure you can meet the system requirements, carefully read the documents provided under "Documentation and legal notices", then fill in and submit the request form. You will receive the link to download femtoPro in English in a second step.

    We recommend that you activate the mailing list option, as there is no automated testing for updates implemented in femtoPro and we can only inform you promptly about bug fixes and new features via mailing list (in English).

    The version history gives an overview of implemented features and bug fixes.

    System requirements

    • Virtual-reality device (VR). femtoPro is available for Oculus/Meta Quest*, Oculus/Meta Quest 2, Pico Neo 2, Pico Neo 2 Eye*, Pico Neo 3 Pro or Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye*. However, due to limited resources, only marked VR (*) are tested in detail.
    • Personal computer (PC) running Windows. Required for installation process. Direct download onto VR is currently not possible.
    • USB cable. Required for femtoPro installation from PC to VR. Afterwards femtoPro runs independently on VR as a "standalone application".
    • Only required for Oculus/Meta VR (not for Pico VR): Mobile device with Android or iOS and installed Oculus app. Required for initial setup of the VR and for activating the developer mode.
    • Only required for Oculus/Meta VR (not for Pico VR): Oculus or Facebook account. Required to "couple and activate" the VR.
    • Only required for Oculus/Meta VR (not for Pico VR): Developer account. Must be applied for and set up with Oculus before femtoPro installation (see Installation and User Guide). Required for then being able to activate the developer mode of the VR for the femtoPro installation.

    Documentation and legal notices

    • Installation and User Guide. Please read this document for a more detailed description of how to install femtoPro and which basic features are included.
    • License Agreement. When submitting the request form, this agreement must be accepted.
    • Privacy Policy of the University of Würzburg.
    • Withdrawal possibility regarding consent to receive emails via mailing list (see below): This link will take you to the withdrawal option for the mailing list. Every femtoPro email sent via the mailing list also contains a link to the withdrawal and modification option.
    • "femtoPro" is a registered trademark of the University of Würzburg.

    Request form

    Request Form