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femtoPro 0.6.0 released


The new femtoPro version offers further performance improvements and a new tutorial on nonlinear autocorrelation.

The new femtoPro version 0.6.0 contains, among other things, a new tutorial on nonlinear autocorrelation. (Photo: Stefan Müller / University of Wuerzburg.)

As we have further refactored the codebase, the new femtoPro version 0.6.0 offers further performance improvements, especially in scenarios with multiple beam segments. We have also improved the behavior of color filters and the magic laser card. A new tutorial on nonlinear autocorrelation is now available as a separate tutorial level with predefined tasks. Visit the download section to get the latest version for free.

The femtoPro developer team can look back on an eventful year. We presented femtoPro at the LASER world of PHOTONICS, won the AVRiL silver award and published our first article in Applied Physics B, which you can find here (open access article).

We look forward to next year with excitement and wish everyone a good start to 2024.