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Course registration and level placement

Registration for the courses (all languages except German as a Foreign Language)

Registration for the language courses of the ZFS takes place exclusively ONLINE via Wuestudy. Different regulations apply for visiting students and employees, see below.

Simultaneous attendance of courses at different levels is not permitted.

In order to ensure a smooth registration and allocation of course places, we would like to draw your attention to the following points:


Prerequisites for participation: Placement or attendance of preliminary courses at the ZFS

If you have previous knowledge of a language and have not yet completed a course at the ZFS, you must take a placement test at the Center for Languages before registering online. The result of the placement test will tell you which course/level you can attend next.

You can take the placement tests for Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish either on site in the Mediothek (please bring your user name and password with you!) or online.  The placement tests in French, Italian, Swedish and Spanish are C-tests - information and examples of this test format can be found on the website C-Test - Der Sprachtest. It will take about 30 minutes (40 minutes for Arabic). If you would like to take the test online, please send an email to stating your target language. You will then receive a message (daily, Mon-Fri) with the access information and can take the test from home during the day.

The placement test is valid for two semesters and cannot be taken twice in a row.

If you have attended previous courses at the ZFS, please bring the certificate for the course you have passed with you to the first course date.


Course place allocation

The courses are open for online registration on the specified registration dates (siehe unten). Registration is no longer possible after the end of the specified period. Course places will be allocated by computer lottery after the end of the registration period. If you have been drawn by lot, the course will appear in WueStudy. No separate email confirmations of admissions will be sent, so please check WueStudy directly.

Only students who have registered online will be admitted to the courses! Students who do not appear on the first course date lose their right to a place on the course.

Passed courses cannot be repeated.


Prioritization of Erasmus outgoings in the allocation of course places

Students who have been accepted for a period of study abroad (e.g. via Erasmus) will be prioritized when allocating course places at the ZFS. All information on registration can be obtained from the Erasmus coordinator of your faculty or from the International Office.


University staff and visiting students (does not apply to German as a Foreign Language)

Employees of the University of Würzburg can take part in the foreign language courses of the ZFS (courses during the semester or intensive courses during the semester break) free of charge. This applies as long as there are still places available in the course (students have priority).
Please note: There are usually long waiting lists of students in the courses for beginners with no previous knowledge, which is why these courses are generally not open to staff and guest students. 

Students from outside the university can take part in the courses as guest students, but they will have to pay a fee. The above restriction also applies to them. Guest students of the University of Music Würzburg are exempt from the costs. Information on registering as a visiting student can be found on the website of the Student Administration Office.

Participation requirements and registration for staff and visiting students (Gaststudierende): Please first take a placement test in the ZFS media library (Mediothek) so that we can assess your previous knowledge and assign you to the correct course. Before starting the course, please contact the relevant language department by e-mail and ask whether there are still places available in your desired course. If there are still places available, you will be added to the list. Guest students must then register in person at the Office of Student Affairs, pay there and present the certificate to the teacher of the course.


Attendance in the courses

The didactic concept of our language courses is based on intensive cooperation between the students in the course. When learning a language, a variety of skills are developed that can only be promoted through interaction in the group. The regular, active presence of the students in the course is therefore absolutely essential.