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    I have worked on microscopes of this type in my previous workplace. Do I still need an introduction / training on the device?

    Yes, you need. During your training, we would also like to introduce you e.g. to our user regulations, data archiving, passwords for logging in etc.

    What does it cost to use the microscopes?

    The costs are calculated per hour and depend on the device type. Please check the fee schedule!

    Can I book the microscope at night or in the evening?

    Yes, but only if you are an experienced user. Please contact the person responsible for the device beforehand.

    I work at the University Clinic or University of Würzburg and / or am a student at the university and therefore already have a user account of the university. Do I still have to fill out the registration form?

    Yes, you have to. Every person who wants to use the microscopes or the analysis computer must register so that the respective user account can be activated for the use of the booking calendar.

    I submitted the registration form, but I did not receive a password or user name for the booking system.

    You will not receive your own password or user name for the booking system. You log in with your university account, which you also use, for example, to log on to your PC or to check your emails.

    How do I know which user group I belong to?

    There are three user groups: internal, external and special. All employees of the Rudolf Virchow Center are internal users (green in the calendar), all other users of the university and the university hospital are external users (marked in cyan in the calendar). You can select the "special" category (white in the calendar) if the project you are working on belongs to a separately financed consortium such as e.g. the TR124 or the TR240 (as of April 2020). Please indicate on your registration form if your project belongs to a consortium! Please contact the CU Imaging Team if you are in doubt about your category.

    How can I tell in which user category I did my booking?

    The three user categories, external, internal and special, are marked in different colors on the calendar. Internal bookings are shown in green, external bookings in cyan and special in colorless/ white.

    I do not see the microscope or the analysis computer that I want to book in the booking system.

    Make sure that you are in the right building when viewing (switch at the top left between e.g. buildings D16 and D15)! Alternatively, you can switch the view between the monthly overview, the respective calendar week or the individual day by clicking on the respective week or day in the selection bar below the calendar.

    I am working for the university hospital and don’t have a university account. Can I also use the microscopes?

    Yes, of course, you can. Please apply for a university account at the university’s computing center:

    After you obtained your account at the university (usually within 24 hrs), you can fill out the registration form and apply for access to the booking system and the microscopes.

    I will measure a lot and / or outside office hours. Can I get access / a key for the microscope rooms?

    In principle, you can. However dependent on your institute or clinical department the procedure may vary and we might be able activate your current key or you might need an additional key. Please contact the CU Imaging Team in advance.

    For all external users, i.e. not located at the Rudolf Virchow Center, please note that only a single key per group is issued! We will register this key to the PI of the group and the key has to be shared among the group members.

    Erstellen eines Accounts

    Erstellen eines Accounts beim Rechenzentrum der Universität Würzburg für die Nutzung des Buchungssystems:


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