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FOR 2757 (2019 - 2023)

Subproject H: Chinese Business and Economics

The importance of renewable energies for local self-regulation in China

The subproject investigates local self-regulations in China related to the use of renewable energies. The starting point is marked by a rapid expansion of renewable energies (energy transition), which - for technical or physical reasons - is accompanied by more decentralised energy generation and thus poses a challenge for the existing energy system. Although the energy transition is desired by the state, the central government arguably cannot control it in detail at the local level. Against this background, the subproject examines how the possibilities associated with the expansion of renewable energies are taken up locally. How is the use organised and how, if necessary, are difficulties or conflicting goals dealt with?

In contrast to previous studies on the Chinese energy sector or Chinese climate policy, this project does not examine the local level for implementation gaps, but focuses on self-regulations resulting from the changes. The aim is to analyse how local regulations emerge, how they are structured formally or informally and how they affect the relationship between local and state actors, while focusing on the effects of substantial technological change.