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Unlimited free femtoPro version released


We are happy to announce a new femtoPro version with various improvements, new features, and unlimited free use.

The developer team at the release party of femtoPro version 0.5.0. Left to right: Samuel Truman, Maximilian Rall, Stefan Müller, Tobias Brixner, Sebastian von Mammen, Andreas Müller. (Foto: Nadya Borisova / Universität Würzburg.)

During the course of the last year, we worked hard to refactor the whole code basis. In our new femtoPro version 0.5.0, the refactoring led to performance improvements on VR headsets, resulting in higher frame rates and an even smoother user experience. As a major new feature, it is now possible to perform automated scans with the delay stage with interferometric precision, which can be used for example to record interferometric autocorrelation traces. We also redesigned the user interface of the delay stage for more intuitive usage. In addition, we added options to adjust the properties of the laser emitter and other improvements. A complete list of changes can be found here.

Importantly, version 0.5.0 can now be used for free without a time limit not only for private and academic purposes but even in commercial settings! See the license file for details.

We are already busy working on the next exciting features, so make sure that you will install future releases once they become available.