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Silver award at the competition "AVRiL 2023 – Successful VR/AR learning scenarios"


We have won the silver award of this year’s AVRiL competition organized by the Gesellschaft für Informatik.

Our contribution "femtoPro: Become a femtosecond laser professional" was awarded with the silver award at the competition "AVRiL 2023 – Successful VR/AR learning scenarios".

We are happy to announce that we have won the AVRiL 2023 silver award. The AVRiL competition was organized by the working group "VR/AR learning" of the divisions "Educational Technologies" and "VR/AR" of the Gesellschaft für Informatik under the topic "Successful VR/AR learning scenarios". The competition aims to demonstrate new and effective approaches in the application of VR and AR technology in learning contexts.

We have previously submitted a manuscript entitled "femtoPro: Become a femtosecond laser professional", which highlights the didactic aspects of femtoPro and was reviewed by a jury. The jury emphasized the didactic added value of our program and argued that we have demonstrated "one of the strengths of VR learning environments, namely the safe virtual training of laboratory procedures that are very expensive and hazardous in real-word environments". The jury’s final verdict was: "femtoPro represents the very well-designed implementation of a proven concept in an extremely appropriate application area with product quality and is therefore awarded AVRiL 2023 –Silver– ".

The overall result of the competition and further details can be read here (in German). Our submitted manuscript is available in German at the digital library of the Gesellschaft für Informatik.