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Familienservice der Universität Würzburg

Jobs/ Internships

Welcome to the Family Service, the contact point for balancing family and academia.

We are looking for students from all disciplines who enjoy working with children, would like to put their theoretical knowledge into practice or are simply looking for a varied job alongside their studies.

Have we piqued your interest?

Applications are now open!

We are looking for support for our vacation care! Do you enjoy working with children and would like to gain some practical experience in dealing with children?


Then you've come to the right place. Our team grows throughout the year and consists of students from all disciplines.

Vacation care takes place during all 12 Bavarian school vacations (except Christmas) on the premises of the Family Service of the University of Würzburg. The children are aged 6-12 years.

Each vacation week has a different theme, and the program is put together by a small team of students and management .

Here you have the opportunity to contribute your ideas and try out different things.

The vacation weeks in which the students work are chosen by the students themselves - depending on their individual schedules.


If you are interested, you are welcome to apply to us. Simply send us an email to or contact our management directly (

We look forward to getting you know.

We are looking for new students for our internal babysitting and tutoring pool throughout the year. This is a placement service so that supply and demand can easily be brought together.

You can complete the registration process via the following babysitter placement homepage: Familie³ ( to be included in our database. After registration, each of you will receive your own number, which is necessary for applying for offers. The offers themselves are visible to you on the start page.

The Family Service organizes childcare for parents during university events, workshops and lectures. For this purpose, we are looking for students from our private babysitting pool about 1 month in advance who can, for example, take care of the children on one or more days during these events.

Find out more on our homepage!


As first point of call for compatibility of family and career and the organisation of childcare the Family Service Centre of the JMU offers different internships for Students and Undergraduates. 

You can apply for an internship if you are studying either one of these subjects: (Special Needs) Education, Pedagogy, Teacher Training 

In fact, Undergraduates can absolve their internship (8 weeks long) by working as an educator at the holiday camp of the Family Service Centre. The internship also is payed. 

More information for Undergraduates enrolled in Teacher Training