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Working as a parent of small children

Parental leave at the university

Once you have successfully logged in, you will find detailed information on parental leave on the pages of the Administrative ABC of the Human Resources Department, or you can contact the department responsible for you directly.


Daycare and kindergarten

Make sure to start planning childcare early so that it is guaranteed when you return to your studies or work.

The University of Würzburg's kindergarten, the Campus Kinderhaus, offers nursery and kindergarten places to employees.

The "Grombühlzwerge" children's house with crèches and kindergarten groups offers childcare specifically for employees of the University Hospital of Würzburg.

Reservations for childcare places in the city of Würzburg are made via the parents' portal. There you will find all childcare options (childminders, large daycare centers, crèches and kindergartens).

You can register for a maximum of eight childcare options in the city. We advise you to make use of all eight pre-registrations to increase your chances of finding a spot.

As a tip, the new crèches and kindergarten places are always allocated on September 1st, during the year there are only places if they happen to become available.


Family-friendly infrastructure at the university

On our Family-friendly campus page you will find an overview of services and facilities if you need to bring your child to work. 


Holiday care during the school holidays

After a few short years, your child will be attending school and then the school vacations will be just around the corner.

To ensure that your child is looked after during school vacations while you are at work, the Family Service offers holiday care, called Campus Camp, for children aged 6-10, sometimes up to 12 years.

We give preference to children of employees of the university, University Hospital, THWS and S.Oliver. Of course, children of students and external families can also take part. The program for the following year is usually published in autumn. 


Babysitter and tutor placement

Do you need help finding student babysitters or tutors?

We have a pool of interested students from the University of Würzburg, THWS and the University of Music and we are happy to help with the placement. 


Events for children and families

In addition to informational events, the Family Service also offers various activities for children and families.

Take a look at our calendar of events and sign up for the newsletter:

Here you can find the program of events from the Children's University of the Julius-Maximilians-University.


Counseling sessions

Are you an employee at the University of Würzburg and have questions about balancing family life and career?

Or are you an expectant parent with questions about childcare options for your child? Then you've come to the right place!

The office of the University Women's Representative is available for all academic staff. Please feel free to contact Natalie Nikolaus: Tel: +49 931 31-83568, E-Mail:

All non-academic staff are welcome to contact the Equal Opportunities Officer, Sabine Stahl: Tel: +49 931 31-82005, E-Mail: