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    Unit 4.5 Training and staff development


    With the certificate program UNIversInternational you can expand your linguistic and intercultural skills by taking part in three exciting modules.

    The program consists of three modules, specifically aiming at our support staff.
    It was developed to systematically support you in your day-to-day work in dealing with the trend towards increasing internationalisation of the university.

    Registration for the certificate program is possible at any time.

    Order of the modules
    You can complete the modules in any order. We recommend that you start with module 1, then complete module 2 and finish with module 3.

    If you have successfully completed all modules, send the relevant documents by email to weiterbilden@uni-wuerzburg.de. After checking the completeness of your documents, you will receive a draft of your certificate from us in the next step to check the accuracy of the content.

    The certificate is awarded once a year as part of the International Evening.