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Students with children

We have compiled some information and contact points for you here.


Family-friendly university

Here you can find a newsletter written by the Chancellor in 2012 concerning how the university is committed to being family-friendly. In it you will find, among other things, the specifications for facilitating the situation for students with children. 


Maternity protection during apprenticeships and studies

Since January 1, 2018, the Maternity Protection Act has also applied to pupils, interns and students at their place of work or study

Information on the new Maternity Protection Act at the University of Würzburg can be found in the newsletter from the Chancellor dated 06.03.2018 and on the pages of the Occupational Safety, Animal Welfare & Environmental Protection Department. 


Leave of absence from studies

According to Art. 48 Para. 2 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG), students can apply to  be exempted from the standard study tract or can be granted a leave of absence when facing extenuating circumstances (e.g. birth, raising and caring for children).

Information on how to apply for such a leave of absence, as well as related information on deadlines, study and examination requirements can be found on the pages of the Student Office.


Advice for pregnant women and parents with children

Advice on how to continue your studies during pregnancy and as a parent with a child is available from the Central Student Advisory Service.


Childcare during your studies

The Studierendenwerk Würzburg is the first point of contact for students with children who are looking for childcare. The Studierendenwerk has its own childcare facility, the Studentische Kinderkrippe Würzburg. Children from the age of 10 months and up can be looked after for between 25 and 45 hours a week there.

The University of Würzburg also has its own childcare facility with crèche and kindergarten, the Campus Kinderhaus. The Campus Kinderhaus is a facility run by the Zweckverband evangelischer Kindertagesstätten (Protestant Administrative Board for Daycare Centers). Please note: spots at Campus Kinderhaus are available to all members of the university, but they are primarily reserved for employees.

Childcare costs can be covered depending on your financial situation. If you are eligible and need financial assistance, you can apply to The City of Würzburg's Department of Economic Youth Welfare.

The registration and reservation of all KITA places in Würzburg is regulated centrally via the City of Würzburg’s parents' portal.

Another offer at the University of Würzburg is provided by the Family Service - the Campus StudiKids. Infants and toddlers aged 2-18 months are looked after here on an hourly basis.


Financing your studies with a child

Here you can find more information about  financing your studies as a student with a child