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Advice for JMU students

Advice for expectant student parents

Do you have questions or are you looking for information on study organizing and examinations during maternity leave and/or childcare at the University of Würzburg? We will be happy to help you and give you our advice for expectant student parents!

On a specific date once a month, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions to our staff members Ms. Bähr and Ms. Stenglin and receive help and important information.

Just drop by our family center for an appointment. The appointments take place once a month and can be found in our calender of events. Please note that until further notice, that consultations take place online via Zoom or in person.  

If you would like to attend one of the appointments, please send a short e-mail to: and you will receive all the access data for the online event.

We look forward to seeing you!

Legal and general information on pregnancy and maternity protection (when studying at JMU) can be found here.


Information for students with children

As a family-friendly university, it is important to the University of Würzburg that students with children are supported in  their study situation. Measures for this are, for example:

  • the preferential allocation of appointments for students with children for tutorials, practicals, laboratory courses, etc.
  • the introduction of very flexible regulations for absences of students with children in the event of illness of the child proven as long as the illness can be attested to by a doctor  e.g. make-up dates or substitute services in the event of several days of absence

See in addition the letter from the Registrar dated 10.04.2012.

In addition, students can be exempted from the obligation to adhere to the regular course of study or even granted a leave of absence for a good cause (e.g. birth, raising and caring for children). Information on applying for a leave of absence as well as related information on deadlines, coursework and examinations can be found on the Student Administration Office website.

For the very youngest offspring of students - babies from 2 months - the Family Service offers care at the Campus StudiKids. From around 10 months, students' little ones can go to the Studierendenwerk crèche.

Registration takes place - as for the other Würzburg daycare centers - via the city's Little Bird parent portal. If necessary, financial support for childcare can be applied for from the youth welfare office of the respective youth welfare office, e.g. Würzburg.

Registration is done - as for the other Würzburg daycare centres - via the city´s Little Bird parent portal. Financial support for childcare can be applied for at the economic youth welfare office of the respective youth welfare office, e.g. Würzburg, if required.

Here you can find more information on financing your studies with a child

The Studierendenwerk's colourful information portal Studying with a Family offers a wide range of general information. 

If you have individual concerns or personal questions about the organisation of your studies or childcare, please contact Mrs. Bähr or Mrs. Stenglin by phone or email.