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    On this page you will find international marketing material for the University of Würzburg: 


    Informational Brochures:

    Printed copies of these brochures can be ordered through the International Office!

    Kurzporträt der
    Universität Würzburg (German)

    A short portrait of the
    University of Würzburg (English)

    Cosmopolita - Innovativa - Ricca di tradizione
    Università Julius-Maximilians di Würzburg (Italian)

    Отворен към света - Иновативен
    С традиционно висок успех:
    Universität Würzburg (Bulgarian)

    Otwarty - Inowacyjny
    Z bogatymi tradycjami:
    Uniwersytet w Würzburgu (Polish)

    Publications for Students:

    Schülerzeitschrift UniZeit auf Deutsch

    JMU Times - Publication about studying at the University of Würzburg (English)
    Printed copies of this publication can be ordered through the International Office!

    International Office webpage to "Discover Würzburg" 

    Internet pages about the University and city of Würzburg in German and English

    PowerPoint presentations on the University of Würzburg

    Presentation especially for teaching staff who are responsible for student mobility (2012, Evenbye). Photos are copyrighted and may not be given to third parties without prior permission of Florian Evenbye.

    Informational presentation about the University of Würzburg (2012, Gerth/Stopinska). Please use the presentation as it is shown here.

    Informational presentation (short version) (2012, Evenbye). Please use the presenation as it is shown here.

    Presentación en español! Please use the presentation as it is shown here.


    Informational Brochures for Incoming Students

    Informational brochures for Incoming Students in German and English.

    Flyers for recruiting exchange students

    Printed copies of these flyers can be ordered in the International Office!

    Flyer (English)

    Flyer (Deutsch)

    Flyer with extra pictures (English)

    Informational web pages about the University of Würzburg

    Information about famous graduate, history, Röntgenring and more! In German and English.

    Research information at the University of Universität Würzburg. In German and English.

    Information for interested students. In German and English.

    Information and Marketing Material of the Welcome Center

    The Welcome Center is the service point for new professors and guest researchers from Germany and abroad at the University of Würzburg. 

    University Shop

    In the University Shop, you can find clothing, accessories, and great gift ideas with the University of Würzburg logo!

    We thank you for your understanding that the International Office cannot finance purchases in the University Shop. 

    DVD "Streifzug durch Würzburg"

    Take a stroll through the historical city of Würzburg and the University (70 minutes). The DVD was produced by the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Law and can be ordered there for 10€.
    Languages: Azerbaijanian, Chinese, German, English, Estonian, French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Portugiese, Russian, Spanisch, and Turkisch!

    City maps for sightseeing

    The Würzburg Tourism Office provides city maps with the best sights in Würzburg including museums, wine tastings, excursions, free day trips and more. You can get your map in the Tourism Office or in the International Office (limited quantities) in Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish. 

    Please note: New international agreements cannot be signed without informing the International Office (Exception: Research cooperations). We are pleased to assist you with your new cooperation, please contact us!


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    Campus Hubland Nord
    97074 Würzburg


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