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Julius-Maximilians-Universität (JMU) is big enough to offer a broad and innovative range of subjects, yet not too big to be impersonal. A university with an international reputation for excellent research, JMU is proud to be the home of outstanding researchers. But at JMU we are not only committed to delivering quality research, we are also committed to delivering quality teaching.

Academic Advisory Service at JMU

You need advice on academic or course-related matters? Feel free to call our Academic Advisory Service at  +49 931 318 318 3, the team will be happy to help. The hotline is available from 9:00 to 15:00 Monday through Friday.

Julius Echter - Patron of the Arts

 400 years after re-formation of the University: the University Museum presents itself in a new guise wirth an impressive multimedia-based exhibition on the Prince-Bishop.


Retina degeneration can be slowed down in the mouse model for childhood dementia: The ganglion cells of a healthy retina on the left; a diseased retina in the centre. A diseased retina under treatment with teriflunomide on the right – it hardly differs from the healthy one. (Picture: Janos Groh)

Chances to treat childhood dementia

Although dementia is most often seen in adults, childhood or adolescent dementia does occur. A team of researchers from the University of Würzburg believes that established therapeutic drugs might be effective against ch

The new Max Planck Research Group will be accommodated in rooms of the Institute for Pharmacology and Toxicology. (Photo: Josef Wilhelm)

Max Planck research kicked off in Würzburg

Studying the immune system: That is the goal of a new Max Planck Research Group at the University of Würzburg which is currently being set up.

Nesting aids at the edges of fields – the insects can lay their eggs in short bundles of reed. (Photo: Verena Rieding)

Nesting aids make agricultural fields attractive for bees

Wild bees are important pollinators of many crop plants – sometimes they are even more efficient than honeybees. Their numbers can be increased sustainably using simple means as a recent study has found.


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