Graduiertenkolleg 2112

    GRK Lecture on 25th / 26th October 2017


    Prof. Dr. Jan Behrends (Freie Universität Berlin) will visit the GRK 2112 on the 25th / 26th October 2017.

    You are welcome to attend the GRK Lectures of Prof. Dr. Jan Behrends (Freie Universität Berlin).

    On the 25th of October  Prof. Dr. Jan Behrends will hold a lecture for students on "EPR Spectroscopy in Solar Cell Research" (5 pm s.t., Seminarraum 211, second floor, Institute of Physical Chemistry, Hubland Süd). On the 26th of October he will talk about "Spins in Solar Cells: Charge Separation from an EPR Perspective" (10 am c.t., Seminarraum 00.006, Institute of Theoretical Chemistry, Campus Hubland Nord, Emil-Fischer-Str. 42)

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