Welcome, to the homepage of the department of dentistry of the Medical Faculty of the University of Würzburg. Odontology at the University of Würzburg holds a tradition of 100 years. Over 660 students are currently enrolled in the department of Dentistry. Through the renovation and the new construction of the clinics for dental, mouth and jaw diseases, ideal circumstances for a theoretical, practical and scientific education have been created. The dentistry education program is divided into a preclinical phase, which spans from the first to fifth semester, and a clinical phase that ranges from the sixth to tenth semester. The preclinical stage primarily concentrates on theoretical and technical studies, while the clinical part of the dentistry program predominantly focuses on the practical treatment of phantoms and patients. The detailed timetables and curriculum can be found on the following sites.


Dentistry students can contact our student coordinator Dr. E. Wischmeyer for assistance and guidance. Professor Dr. A. Renk is responsible for questions regarding the field of dentistry and its study program. As the dean of the dentistry faculty, I am also always available for any questions and concerns. On the following pages you can find useful and helpful information and pointers for the program of dentistry education in Würzburg. I wish you much fun and success for your education.


Professor Dr. Dr. A. C. Kübler

Dean of the School of Dentistry