Sonderforschungsbereich 630



    Monday, December 15

    2.00 pm: Welcome

    Opening Session

    Chair: Raina Seupel

    T01      Dr. Stefan Weigand (2:15 pm)

    Next generation Protein therapeutics: multi-specific antibodies, fusion proteins, Small-Large Molecule combinations

    Chair: Benjamin Merget

    T02      Dr. Johannes Schiebel (3.00 pm)

    Substrate and Inhibitor Recognition by Staphylococcus aureus FabI /
    Fragment-based Methods for the Development of Anti-infectives

    3.45 pm – 4.15 pm: Coffee break

    Pathogen Virulence and Fitness

    Chair: Sandra Eltschkner

    T03      Benjamin Merget (4.15 pm)

    An Accurate and Quantitative Prediction Model of Drug-Target Residence Time for Staphylococcus aureus FabI Inhibitors based on Steered Molecular Dynamics

    T04      Christina Popp (4.35 pm)

    Fitness Costs of Drug Resistance in Candida albicans

    T05      Melanie Mühlenkamp (4.55 pm)

    YadA-Dependent Interaction of Yersinia enterocolitica with Vitronectin

    T06      Anastasija Reimer (5.15 pm)

    Analysis of the Interaction between Neisserial Porin and Endothelial Receptor

    5.35 - 5.50 pm: break

    5.50 pm: poster appetizers (P05 - P09, P14 - 22)

    6.15 pm: dinner

    7.00 pm- open end: poster session

    Tuesday, December 16

    Pathogen Biology and Cell Wall

    Chair: Lina Thoma

    T07      Nils Ladwig (9.00 am)

    The SER/THR Kinase PAKI is involved in Differentiation and Sporulation of Streptomyces coelicolor

    T08      Alexander Schneider (9.20 am)

    Advanced Peptidoglycan Analytics -- New Insights in Bacterial Cell Wall Turnover and   Composition

    T09    Dr. Marina Borisova (9.40 am)

    Cell Wall Recycling in Recycling Staphylococcus aureus -- Role of the N-Acetylmuramic Acid 6 Phosphate Etherase

    T10    Prof. Dr. Christoph Mayer (10.00 am)

    Peptidoglycan Recycling -- A Major Salvage Pathway of Bacteria and Novel Drug Target

    10.20 – 10.50 am: Coffee Break

    Medicinal Chemistry and Inhibitor Design

    Chair: Ines Schmidt

    T11      Raina Seupel (10.50 am)

    Investigations of the Mode of Action of N,C-coupled Naphthylisoquinoline Alkaloids in Leishmania major and Derivatization for the Means of Photoaffinity Labeling

    T12      Franziska von Hammerstein (11.10 am)

    Synthesis, Characterization and Screening of Dengue Virus NS2B-NS3 Protease Inhibitors

    T13      Florian Seufert (11.30 am)

    Development of MIP-Inhibitors

    11.50 am: Poster appetizers (P23 - P26, P30 - P36, P39 - P40)

    1.00 pm: Lunch/Poster session

    3.00 pm: social program / Geocaching

    Evening Lecture

    Chair: Thomas Bartossek

    T14      Prof. Dr. August Stich (6.00 pm)

    The challenge of Ebola: Lessons learnt!

    7.30 pm: Wine tasting

    Wednesday, December 17

    Analytics and Pharmacokinetics

    Chair: Michael Berninger

    T15      Dieudonné Tshitenge (9.00 am)

    New Potential Markers for Kilma, a Congolese Phytomedicine

    T16      Nina Hecht (9.20 am)                     

    In silico Optimization of in vivo Efficacy Study Designs for New Chemical Entities

    9.45 – 10.15 am: Coffee Break

    10.15 am: Workshops

    12.30 pm: Closing remarks

    1.00 pm: Lunch