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    The topics of the sessions will include Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Pathogen Biology, Host-Pathogen-Interaction, and Theoretical Chemistry and Computer-aided Drug Design.

    Short talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts.

    There will also be a prolonged evening postersession to discuss contributions of our young investigators.

    Here is a preliminary program that still might be affected by changes.
    Titles of the talks will be supplemented.

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    Wednesday, November 20

    11:00 Welcome

    Drug Development: Antibiotics and Resistances

    11:15 Thomas Henkel
    Strategies for molecular prevention of bacterial and fungal infections - represent Glycolipids a new option?

    11:50 Peter Hammann
    Status and Perspectives of Antibiotics: Special focus on Natural Products

    12:25 Robert Beardmore
    Mathematical and Laboratory Models of Antibiotic Use: predicting bacterial clearance at sub-lethal dosages in the presence of chromosomal multidrug resistance adaptation

    Natural Product Chemistry

    14:30 Tobias Gulder
    Exploring and Exploiting Bacterial Natural Product Biosynthesis

    15:05 Peter Seeberger
    Preventing and Curing Infectious Diseases: Carbohydrate Vaccines and Continuous Flow Synthesis

    15.40 Short Talk: Usama Abdelmohsen
    New Bioactive Natural Products Discovery from Marine Sponge-Associated Actinomycetes

    Pathogen Biology / Drug Discovery

    16:15 Alan Fairlamb
    Drug Discovery for neglected diseases – successes failures and lessons learned

    16:50 Simon Croft
    Challenges and opportunities for the development of new treatments for leishmaniasis

    17:25 Short Talk: Alena Zikova
    Designing an effective inhibitor of Trypanosoma brucei F1-ATPase

    18:00 Evening Poster Session

    Thursday, November 21

    Pathogen Biology I

    9:00 Gerald Späth
    Anti-leishmanial drug development efforts at Institut Pasteur: From basic parasite biology to drug target identification and validation

    9:35 Ger van Zandbergen
    Leishmania interaction with human macrophages and T cells

    10.10 Short Talk: Iris Gonzalez-Leal
    Cathepsin-deficient dendritic cells present alterations in maturation and cytokine production in response to Leishmania major infection 

    Pathogen Biology 

    10:45 Steffen Rupp
    A screening assay based on host-pathogen interaction models identifies a set of novel antifungal benzimidazole derivatives and their Target

    11:20 Axel Brakhage
    Pathobiology of Aspergillus fumigatus and the discovery of novel compounds

    Structure Based Medicinal Chemistry

    13:25 François Diederich
    Structure-Based Design in the Generation and Optimization of New Lead Compounds Against Infectious Diseases

    14:00 Short Talk: Alexander Titz
    Discovery of two classes of potent glycomimetic inhibitors of Pseudomonas aeruginosa LecB with distinct binding modes

    14:15 Maurizio Botta
    Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of human DDX3 inhibitors with multiple antiviral activities

    14.50 Short Talk: Julia Kirchebner
    Development of CHVB_0032 – a small molecule inhibitor of chikungunya virus

    Drug Development: Ligand Binding

    15:25 Helena Danielson
    From Fragments to Transition State Analogues – Drug Discovery using SPR Biosensor Technology

    16:00 Jon Essex
    Protein-Ligand Binding by Free Energy Simulations: Issues, Successes and Failures

    Friday, November 22

    Computer-aided Drug  Design

    9:00 Samuel de Visser
    Computational Bioengineering of Non-heme iron dioxygenases: How to change the enantioselectivity of the enzyme

    9:35 Xavier Barril
    Modulation of chemotactic responses with protein-protein interfacial binders discovered through structure-based methods

    10.10 Short Talk: Wook Lee
    The mechanism of how KasA is activated by its own substrate

    Natural Product Chemistry

    10:45 Hans-Dieter Arndt
    Peptide natural products and small molecules as tools in Chemical Biology

    11:20 Jeroen Dickschat
    Natural Products from Microorganisms – Structure Elucidation, Synthesis and Biosynthesis

    11.55 Short Talk: Michael Zender
    Discovery and Biophysical Characterization of 2-Amino-Oxadiazoles as Novel Antagonists of PqsR, an Important Regulator of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Virulence  

    12:10 Poster Prize

    12:25 Closing Remarks