Sonderforschungsbereich 630


    Best of SFB 630 - and Future Perspectives

    Final Symposium

    July, 22

    Institute for Infection Biology / Rudolf-Virchow-Center

    Josef-Schneider-Str. 2 D15

    97080 Würzburg

    We will present the essence of 12 years research for anti-infectives in Würzburg - exciting results, challenges of the past and lessons learned for the future.

    Invited talks by renowed Speakers might show a way to new Horizons.

    And for sure we will have fun together remembering the good old days.

    Invited Speakers

    Petra Dersch, Braunschweig,

    Michael Groll, München

    Peter Myler, Seattle

    Please Register now! Deadline is June, 26.

    Registration is free but mandatory for organisational reasons.

    Please, download the form, fill in and send it back to