Sonderforschungsbereich 630

    A4 Schirmeister

    Project Part A4

    Proteases as Targets for Drugs against Infectious Diseases

    Prof. Dr. Tanja Schirmeister

    Institute for Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Mainz

    The main research topic of TP A4 concerns development of irreversible inhibitors of parasitic, fungal and bacterial cysteine and aspartic proteases. Our primary target enzymes are

    Cysteine proteases: Falcipain 2 and 3 from the malaria pathogen Plasmodium falciparum; rhodesain from Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense, causing African Trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness); cruzain from Trypanosoma cruzi, causing Chagas-disease; cathepsins from leishmania.

    Aspartic proteases: SAPs (secreted aspartic proteases) from Candida albicans; plasmepsin II from Plasmodium falciparum. Since playing a major role within the life cycle of the pathogens, these enzymes are promising targets for the development of new anti-infective agents.The classes of inhibitors we are working on include peptidomimetics containing aziridines, epoxides and acceptor-substituted olefins as electrophilic building blocks. Within the project TP A4 new substances are synthesised and tested against the proteases.Cooperating with other SFB projects as well as external partners, in vitro tests with the synthesised substances against the pathogens and human cells are performed (TP of project B, TP Z1).

    Mechanisms of inhibition and possible binding modes, respectively, are elucidated by means of biotinylated inhibitors, QM-, QM/MM-calculations, NMR-spectroscopic experiments and various docking procedures, and, furthermore, by cocrystallisation and structure determination of enzyme-inhibitor-complexes (B- and C-projects).

    With the received information we aim for further optimisation of the inhibitors in respect of activity, selectivity and toxicity. Quantum chemical calculations (cooperation with TP C3, Engels) could already explain the differences in inhibition activity of epoxide and aziridine based cysteine protease inhibitors concerning the dependence on different substituents at the carbon and nitrogen atom of the three-membered ring, respectively, as well as different pH values of the environmental medium. QM/MM-calculations thereby also consider the environment of the protein.In a further project sponge extracts are screened for metabolites with protease inhibiting properties. Goal of these investigations is the identification of new lead structures for protease inhibitors (cooperation with TP A5, Hentschel, A2, Bringmann). Further projects are the development of inhibitors of the InhA of M. tuberculosis (cooperation with TP B7, Kisker, and TP C7, Sotriffer) and of pyrrole-based as well as fumaric acid-based falcipain and rhodesain inhibitors (cooperation with Carsten Schmuck).

    Selected, SFB-relevant Publications

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