Sonderforschungsbereich 630

    A1 Holzgrabe

    Project Part A1

    Small Molecules against Infectious Diseases

    Prof. Dr. Ulrike Holzgrabe

    Institute for Pharmacy and Food Technology

    Smart and small molecules are aimed to be developed for treatment of tuberculosis, legionellosis, African sleeping  sickness and candidamycosis. Both random chemistry and structure-based drug design will guide the way to innovative active substances.


    Quinolone-carboxamides against Trypanosoma brucei brucei:

    By serendipity, the high activity of the quinolone-carboxamides against Trypanosoma brucei was detected and optimized. The best compound is shown here. Mode of action: change in the morphology of the mitochondrium; most likely the defect in kinetoplast segregation. This is not identical with ciprofloxacin and thus, not necessarily the topoisomerase.
    Development of compounds with high in vivo activity; improvement of water solubility; complete elucidation of the mode of action.
    Collaboration partners
    : Microbiology: M. Engstler, & N. Jones (TP B8); Pharmaceutics L. Meinel, A. Sakalis (TP Z1)

    Bisnaphthalimides against Trypanosoma brucei, Plasmodium falciparum, and resistant Staphylococci aureus

    Tertiary bisammonium bisnaphthalimides are known to be cancerostatic. However, the quaternary analogous do not exhibit this cytotoxicity, but are active against tropical protozoa and staphylococci. Of note, the structure-activity relationships of the naphthalamides are different in the different protozoa and Staphylococcus aureaus.
    Optimization of the compounds against the various microorganisms. Bisquarternary bistacrine derivatives show a similar activity. Optimization of this series with regard to antiinfective activity and toxicity.
    Collaborations partners
    : Microbiology: K. Ohlsen (TP B5), H. Moll & U. Schurigt (TP B8), A. Stich (TP Z1), G. Pradel (Aachen)

    KasA inhibitors against Mycobacterium tubercolusis

    The structures of the human and bacterial enzymes building fatty acids are already elucidated. This holds true inter alia for the elongation-condensation enzyme FabB of E. coli. The corresponding enzyme KasA was isolated from mycobacteria and structurally characterized in presence of the thiolactomycin inhibitor. Virtual screening gave suggestions for inhibitors which were synthesized and biologically evaluated by means of a fluorescence assay. Some compounds exhibiting good KasA inhibitory activity were identified which are in part active against mycobacterium tuberculosis.
    Development of an enzyme assay which specifically measures the inhibition of KasA; crystal structure of KasA complexed with a newly synthesized inhibitor.
    Collaborations partners
    : C. Kisker (TP B7), C. Sotriffer (TP C7), P. Tonge (Stony Brook, NY, USA).

    Search for antileishmanial natural products in Valeriana wallichii:

    The extract from the plant collected in India was found to have substantial antileishmanial activity which might be due to an antiprotease activity.
    : Isolation of the most active compound in the extract and elucidation of the mode of action
    Collaborations partner
    s: H. Moll & U. Schurigt (TP B3); T. Schirmeister (TP A4), B. Hazra (Kolkatta, India)

    Inhibitors of Macrophage infectivity potentiator (Mip) from Legionella pneumophila and Burkholderia pseudomallei

    The Macrophage infectivity potentiator (Mip) protein is an extracellullar major virulence factor produced e. g. by Legionella pneumophila and contributes to the bacterial dissemination within the lung tissue and the spread of Legionella to the spleen. Mip exhibits a peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerase activity (PPIase) which is targeted by pipecolic acid derivatives being partially active against Burkholderia pseudomallei, too.
    Optimization of the anti-PPIase-activity and antiinfective activity against Burkholderia pseudomallei; investigation of the mode of action of the PPIase-Mip-inhibition against Legionella
    Collaboration partners
    : Legionella: PPIase-Assay: M. Weiwad, A. Thiele, MPI Proteinfaltung, Halle; NMR spectroscopy: P. Rösch, K. Schweimer, Department Biopolymers, Bayreuth; C. Sotriffer (TP C7); Infection assay: M. Steinert, Mikrobiologie, Braunschweig (former TP B1); Burkholderia Biology: I. H. Norville; (Exeter, Salisbury, UK); Protein crystallography and NMR: R. Stacy, M. Sarkar-Tyson, D. Lorimer (EmeraldBio, Seattly, USA)


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