SATEC - Master's in Satellite Technology

SpaceMaster-Alumna selected as ESA-Astronaut


ESA just published the selected new generation of 6 future ESA-Astronauts with one SpaceMaster (the Master's program offered prior to Satellite Technology at the University of Würzburg).

At the Annual Space Meeting of IfR from left: Prof. Dr. Klaus Schilling (earlier SpaceMaster coordinator at Uni Würzburg), astronaut Katherine Bennell-Pegg, IfR-president Dr. Fritz Merkle, Campbell Pegg (husband and former SpaceMaster-student)

Among them is also the Australian Katherine Bennell-Pegg, who was a SpaceMaster student in Würzburg 2008/2009. From initally 22.500 applications several tough training and selection rounds at ESA had to be passed, before she could now join ESA's astronaut team.