Rudolf-Virchow-Zentrum - Center for Integrative and Translational Bioimaging

Translational Bioimaging Symposium 2022

Below you can find the list of our confirmed speakers with a link (foto) to their labpage/website:

Keynote Speakers

Ilaria Testa

"4D imaging sub-cellular imaging beyond the diffraction limit"

Stockholm (Sweden)

Jan Huisken

“Customized, modular, multiscale microscopy inside and outside the optics lab"

Göttingen (Germany)

Invited Speakers

Gonçalo Bernardes

"Metal-mediated amide bond-cleavage bioorthogonal reactions"

Cambridge (UK)

Susan Cox


London (UK)

Christian Eggeling

"Deciphering cellular membrane dynamics - an advanced microscope study"

Jena (Germany) 

Ulrike Endesfelder

"Visualizing cellular life: From single cell imaging to in vivo single-molecule biochemistry and (micro-)biology"

Bonn (Germany)

Christian Geis

"Super-resolved insights into autoantibody-mediated disorders of the central nervous system"

Jena (Germany)

Tamara Girbl

"The role of pericytes in immune cell trafficking"

Würzburg (Germany)

Ricardo Henriques

"Open technologies for Super-Resolution and Machine Learning in BioImaging"

Lisbon (Portugal)

Tobias Langenhan

"Illuminating the action of mechanosensitive adhesion GPCRs"

Leipzig (Germany)

Sandrine Leveque-Fort

"Playing with fluorescence emission for enhanced single molecule localization microscopy"

Orsay (France)

Andrea Rentmeister

"Investigating and controlling mRNA via chemo-enzymatic modifications"

Münster (Germany)

Silvio Rizzoli

Novel synapse remodeling mechanisms revealed by advanced microscopy"

Göttingen (Germany)

Marc Robillard

In vivo click chemistry for antibody-based imaging and therapy"

Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Markus Sauer

"Sub-10 nm Fluorescence Imaging"

Würzburg (Germany)

Martin Schnermann

"Harnessing Cyanine Chemistry to Enable Dynamic and Multicolor Imaging"

Frederick (USA)

Rita Strack

Publishing in Nature Methods and the future of bioimaging"

New York (USA)