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Darren Paul Foster, Ph.D.

Darren Paul Foster, Ph.D.

Darren Foster received his Ph.D. in Modern Languages from the University of Exeter in southwest England. He has worked as a language instructor at the University of Exeter and as a language lecturer at the University of Augsburg. He currently works as Head of Language Practice at the English Department of the Leibniz University of Hannover.

He specializes in English for academic and professional purposes and gives seminars on Intercultural Communication, Academic English, Teaching in English, Vocabulary and Pronunciation, Public Speaking and Negotiating in English.

Dr Foster also works on a freelance basis as an English-language coach for lecturers. He is currently developing specialized courses for lecturers at the University of Augsburg, the University of Bamberg, the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, the University of Würzburg and the University of Hannover. These forthcoming courses include Humour in the Classroom, Student Counseling, Examining and Assessing Students in English and Communication in English

Contact: dpfoster@daad-alumni.de