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    D: German Academic Culture and Quirky Words (Online)

    Datum: 05.12.2022, 14:00 - 12.12.2022, 17:30 Uhr
    Kategorie: D1
    Ort: Online


    • Gain and share insights into German academic culture
    • Be able to explain typical German academic terms and abbreviations to international students
    • Find possible solutions to common cultural problems surrounding academia
    • Take a humorous approach to our own academic cultural habits
    • Appreciate the exchange of different culture-related approaches

    When working with students from all over the world, we might be faced with all sorts of questions from their part, such as:

    • How is studying in Germany different from other countries?
    • What is university life like for the average student?
    • What can I learn from the culture surrounding me?
    • And what might my (German) fellows learn from my culture?
    • Can anyone explain the difference between 'Hiwi' and 'Tutor'?
    • Who coined those neat little abbreviations called 'Cafete' and 'Bib'?
    • And what on earth might be meant by 's.t.' and 'c.t.' in my schedule?
    • Finally: how can I make the most of my abroad experience?

    This seminar, held by Dr Martin Holzer, is directed to all lecturers and academic supervisors who would like to explore more in-depth German varsity tradition and the way German Hochschulen typically work today. We will identify our international students’ needs, engage in discussions, develop fresh new ideas on how best to assist them – and take a humorous stroll down memory lane.


    This seminar will take place via Zoom.

    You will receive the link for the meeting room along with further information around one week in advance.

    Please note the conditions of participation.

    Organisational details:

    The seminar "German Academic Culture and Quirky Words" will take place on

    • Monday, 5 December 2022, 2 pm - 5:30 pm
    • Monday, 12 December 2022, 2 pm - 5:30 pm

    The course language is English.

    Participants will receive 8 work unit credits (AE) in the area D (Basic Level).

    The participation fee is 35 euro. You will receive payment details seven days in advance.

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