Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

    Chair for Process and IT integration for AI in the company

    The chair focuses on research and teaching in the area of integrating artificial intelligence into the business processes and information systems of organisations.

    On the one hand, the corresponding research issues are related to technological challenges along the deployment, operation, monitoring and maintenance of AI-based services.

    On the other hand, research of the chair considers several organisational and strategic issues associated with the introduction of AI in the firm.

    Exemplary topics include the transfer of the DevOps concept to AI, the development of the business case for AI or the future role of marketplaces for AI services.

    Methodologically, the chair conducts both studies focused on the development of methods, models and software tools as well as empirical studies with individual users and companies.

    ongoing appointment procedure

    • estimated date of appointment: 2022
    • application deadline: 29 April 2021
    • job advertisment: academics.de