Globale Systeme und interkulturelle Kompetenz

Remembering for the future. Consciousness of history and learning from the past - selected examples

Datum: 08.06.2018, 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Kategorie: (Block-)Seminare, A, C
Ort: BibSem, 00.212
Veranstalter: Erwachsenenbildung/Weiterbildung
Vortragende*r: Prof. Dr. Dr. Heribert Hinzen


What are central historical developments having lasting effects for living together today? How can we work on a better understanding of the past which has an impact on our present and future? How can educational institutions contribute? What are the potential of adult education within lifelong learning? These are questions we shall look at in the seminar using selected examples of historical dimensions in order to show their local, national, regional and even global impact. The seminar will make use of a diversity of methods, and materials and will encourage presentations and discussions. Important documents will be analysed. Local memorials and monuments shall be explored. Themes that are planned and which will be selected at the beginning of the seminar for more in-depth work are: -      Background information, administration, course planning, materials -      Consciousness of history and remembering: witnesses and memorials -      Remember for the future: 1914 – 2014. 100 Years of 1. World War, an EAEA project -      Memorials following the period of the Nazi Regime: Ende of 2. World War 75 Years ago -      Reconciliation and Acting Together between Turkey and Armenia in adult education, project with partners of DVV International -      End of German colonialism in Africa 100 year ago, German East Africa (Tanzania) and German South West Africa (Namibia)

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