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    Excursion Destinations in the Region

    Not only the city of Wuerzburg but the whole region offers many beautiful local recreational areas and destinations for day-trippers.

    In the city centre, for instance, St. Kilian's Dome, "Neumünster", the Residence, Marienberg Fortress and the so-called "Kaeppele" are well worth seeing.

    In addition to the magnificent mansion including a large Rococo-garden in Veitshoechheim, many other picturesque, old villages can be reached by ship or afoot on one of the great hiking trails through the surrounding woods and vineyards.

    "Experience Wuerzburg!" the International Office heads the section of its webpage, which offers diverse impressions and lots of pictures that give you an idea of interesting excursions in and around Wuerzburg.

    Here, you can also find information on  hikes and other sights in "Franconian Switzerland"


    Marienberg Fortress and the Residence Palace (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage), Fotos: Nina Liewald