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    Living in Wuerzburg

    Wuerzburg offers a wide range of varied cultural and leisure activities. A guided walk through the old town, a visit to the museum or a wine festival – there is a lot to explore and experience.

    • The city boasts a number of unique attractions: for example the world’s largest Riemenschneider-collection, Europe’s biggest Africa-festival, the world’s largest ceiling fresco in the Wuerzburg Residenz as well as the Wuerzburg Stein, one of Europe’s oldest and best known vineyard sites. For more information please click here.

    • Nature lovers will find plenty of options to explore: a cycling tour along the Romantic Road, walking in the vine region around Wuerzburg or canoeing on the river Main and its confluents. 

    • The nearby Spessart region, the Rhoen mountains and the woods of the Steigerwald offer various outdoor activities.