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    German courses at Julius Maximilian University

    The University of Würzburg offers a variety of courses for “German as a Foreign Language”. During the past few years course offers were expanded and customized. Due to this process you now have many opportunities to participate in language classes outside working hours.

    The Welcome Center is happy to forward your requests to the right contact person and help you considering which course might be interesting for you.

    1st option: Participate in a semester course offered by the University Language Centre (“Zentrum für Sprachen”, ZFS)

    Each semester the ZfS offers students, postdocs and employees courses for all levels of language proficiency. You can choose between “fast track” and “standard track” courses depending on how much time you are able to dedicate to your German studies. Starting from level B1 you can also add courses with special focus such as conversation, writing, listening comprehension, pronunciation or presentation to your schedule. There are also online-courses available.

    Here you can find the current semester programme.

    Franziska Werbe is the course coordinator for all “German as a Foreign Language” courses. You can contact her by sending an email to zfs.daf@uni-wuerzburg.de. She will be happy to give you advice on your options. Here you can find information about German as a Foreign Language.

    You have to register for the courses in person at the ZfS at the beginning of each semester. If you already have some knowledge of the German language you have to take a placement test. Current dates  are published on the ZfS homepage.

    Here you can download more information on the  language courses offered by the ZFS and the registration procedure:

    Guideline ZFS German courses

    2nd option: Participate in an immersion course at the University of Würzburg Graduate Schools (UWGS), organized by the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS)

    German courses at the UWGS are open to postdocs and doctoral researchers. Courses are organized according to demand, usually 2 times a year (starting in spring and fall).The immersion courses are geared to the needs of beginners without previous knowledge of the German language. Within only 5-6 weeks participants receive 100 hours of German classes. The course takes place 4 times per week in the afternoon/evening, to facilitate participation in parallel with your research work. However, please bear in mind that the workload for the courses is high. A compromise regarding your research work will be inevitable. However, the courses offer a great opportunity to gain solid basic knowledge of the German language within a very short time, enabling you to cope with everyday situations and providing you with the foundation for further studies.

    If you are interested in taking such a course, please contact the Welcome Center.