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IT Steering Committee

Not only has information and communication technology (IT) become indispensable for everyday university operations, it has also become a key factor determining a university's competitiveness.

In late July 2006, the Senate of the University of Würzburg decided that an IT plan was to be implemented. As a first step, the University installed an IT Steering Committee that was to act as Chief Information Officer (CIO). The University's Board of Governors had made the deliberate decision to put a committee, not a single person in charge of the University's information technology.

The Committee comprises the following permanent members appointed by the President:

Chairman NN
Vice Chairman Dr. Uwe Klug, Chancellor
Members Prof. Dr. Fotis Jannidis, representative of the University's lecturer
  Prof. Dr. Marc Latoschik, representative of the University's lecturer
  Dr. Jörg Klawitter, representative of the University's IT Officers
  Matthias Funken, Head of the University's Computer Centre
  Dr. Hans-Günther Schmidt, Head of the University Library
Advisory Member Klaus Baumann, Data Protection Officer

The IT Steering Committee's field of activity is outlined in the University's IT plan and IT security guidelines. The Committee is responsible for coordinating all IT-related tasks to be completed at the University and, in particular, the gradual implementation and, where necessary, adjustment of the IT plan and IT security guidelines. These documents as well as the University of Würzburg's IT strategy can be found here (German only).

The Steering Committee considers itself the driving force behind the University's IT-related activities and is responsible for balancing different interests with regard to information technology and for arbitrating in situations of conflict. The IT Officers, who are responsible for IT operations at the University's Faculties and institutions, as well as the operative group, which is responsible for matters related to IT security, assist the Steering Committee in fulfilling its responsibilities.