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    Information about the Usage of the Archives

     How to use an Archive?

    1. If you have a question related to university history, you should try to get an overview of the inventory of the archives to ascertain yourself about the availability of data regarding your topic. Here you can find the inventory
    2. Read the terms of usage at the second section of this page.
    3. Try to formulate a request as detailed as possible with information about the approximate period of time, about the person, etc. and send it to us. You can also give us a call. If you decide to send us your request via e-mail, please add your postal address.You can contact us here
    4. Our Archivists will either send you information in writing or provide you with advice and give you information about available records.
    5. If you want to view archival documents you can fill out an Application for Usage and send it via mail or e-mail to the University Archives. The fascicules will be excavated by the archivists and then provided to you in our reading room. They are made available to you for 3 weeks, before they will be brought back to our repository. Here you can find our opening hours and journey description
    6. For the commercial usage of the archives and for the reproduction of archival documents for publications, you will need the approval of the University Archives. Our employees will gladly give you advice and present you the relevant forms of application for reproductions and publications.

    Terms of Usage

    1. You are only allowed to view the records of the Archives inside the reading room of the University Archives Würzburg. For the usage, the terms of the University Archives apply.
    2. The excavated files will be made available to you for 2 weeks.
    3. The user commits himself to send an exemplar of his work to the Archives of the University Würzburg for free, provided that she or he has used significant materials of the engagement with the University Archives.
    4. It is only possible to make reproductions of the inventory of the University Archives, if it is guaranteed that the records remain unharmed and if there is no legal limitation. The University Archives will produce them for you. To order a reproduction, you need to fill out the form “Request for Reproductions” (Given to you by the staff).
    5. No permission to copy whole files will generally be given.
    6. For access and reproductions the applicable copyrights and personal rights are to be regarded.
    7. Duplications for commercial matters or in bigger extents are not allowed. The right of reproduction and usage cannot be transferred to a third party without the allowance of the University Archives 
    8. For publications, it is necessary to obtain the allowance of the University Archives before any visual reproduction. Reproductions can only be used for the approved purpose. Usage beyond that purpose (i.e. Digitalization, Storage in electronic data-management-systems, Internet publications) is prohibited. The User is responsible of the protection of every copyright and personal protection right.

    Blocking Periods

    The University Archives possess archival documents of different categories. For reasons of data privacy and personal privacy, these documents are liable to different blocking periods. In the following, there are the general policies of the University Archives Würzburg. Decisions will be made individually, case-by-case. The final decision about granting access to documents always lays with the University Archives

    • General administrational blocking period: 30 years after the closure of a file
    • Personal Privacy rights: 10 years after death, or 90 years after birth
    • Documents classified as secret: 70 years after closure (e.g. patient files)
    • Special blocking periods for interests of third parties worth being protected (e.g. genetic diseases)