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    Hochschuldidaktik ProfiLehre

    Basic Level

    At the basic level (Grundstufe), participants learn about the fundamental concepts of university teaching. In this context the focus in on teaching and learning methodologies as well as presentation and communication skills. These seminars do not necessarily constitute the basis for progression to the advanced level (Aufbaustufe), where other, broader topics are often included.

    All subject-specific seminars as well as those courses from the workshop series "Internationalisation of Teaching and Learning" are part of the basic level, as are the corresponding courses of the general interdisciplinary program. Work unit credits acquired in the context of coaching and the lecture & workshop series "Gute Lehre" also contribute to the basic level. External seminars and lectures relating to content offered by ProfiLehre are only incorporated at the advanced level.

    If you choose not to attend any further seminars after completion of the basic level progam, you will receive the "Zertifikat Hochschullehre der Bayerischen Universitäten - Grundstufe" upon acquisition of 60 work unit credits (at least 12 of which were received in each of the areas A and B and at least eight from areas C through E). In this case advanced level courses are not required, but will of course be recognized accordingly.

    areaseminar work unit credits
    seminar work unit credits from the advanced level (Aufbaustufe)
    Aminimum of 12

    B minimum of 12
    C minimum of 8
    D minimum of 8
    E minimum of 8
    total: 60 work unit credits