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    Hochschuldidaktik ProfiLehre

    Advanced Level

    If you have completed the requirements of the ProfiLehre - basic level program and would like to attend further seminars and/or receive the "Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education of the Bavarian Universities - Advanced Level" via acquisition of at least 120 work unit credits, completion of at least three advanced level seminars is required. This must be accomplished via attendance of one advanced training course each in areas A and B (two courses total) as well as the attendance of one advanced seminar in the areas of C, D, or E (personal preference). Participants may choose between day seminars (30 €) and seminars spanning one and a half days (50 €). Participants are free to choose where to acquire the remeining work unit credits within the ProfiLehre training framework.

    At the advanced level, courses attended externally, for example courses attended as part of a mentoring program, will also be recognized as basic level courses. However, such courses may only comprise 60 of the total 120 work unit credits.

    You are required to complete at least 25 work unit credits from the areas A and B (50 total) as well as at least 10 work unit credits from the areas C through E (30 total)

    • Area A: Teaching and Learning Concepts
    • Area B: Presentation and Communication
    • Area C: Examination
    • Area D: Reflection and Evaluation
    • Area E: Advising and Mentoring
    AreaSeminar work unit credits
    Seminars from the advanced level
    Aminimum of 25 at least 1
    Bminimum of 25 at least 1
    Cminimum of 10

    at least 1
    Dminimum of 10
    Eminimum of 10
    Total: 120 work unit credits