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    University-level Coaching

    Coaching may be understood as the provision of "temporary support" by an experienced coach who is well-versed in university teaching strategies. This advisor applies his/her methodological expertise to your specific area of focus and thus facilitates improvement in the relevant area(s).

    The areas of focus during coaching are to be determined by the coachee. You yourself may choose the topics to be worked on. You initially have four hours of advisement available, and the scheduling of these advisement hours may be determined during your first meeting with your coach. All information discussed with your coach remains strictly confidential. The coaching relationship is private, and nothing that you discuss will be passed on to any third party. If you require technical or logistical support, ProfiLehre is happy to assist by providing meeting rooms or media.

    Please get in touch with ProfiLehre to set up a meeting with a coach who possesses expertise regarding your chosen focus area. You can then discuss further the organization of coaching directly with this advisor.

    Your contact person at ProfiLehre is:

    Dr. Gabriele Geibig-Wagner

    The coaching program is financed through the FMER (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) funds from the "Teaching Quality Pact", meaning that the costs of the program are covererd by ProfiLehre.